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For over 60 years Aqua Lung has equipped divers around the world with the latest in diving technology and innovation.  We hope you will enjoy your new equipment for many dives to come.  All Aqua Lung products go through rigorous qualification testing before being handcrafted in their fully owned manufacturing facilities.  We'd like to take this opportunity to emphasize  that Landshark is a member of a highly qualified network of authorized retailers and we are here to provide assistance and service to you for all Aqua Lung products. 

As the ONLY Authorized Aqua Lung  dealer in this area, we are pleased to offer you the freedom to purchase your high quality Aqua Lung equipment online, have it shipped to Landshark and we pay the shipping, assembled and prepared for you or you pay the shipping and have it shipped directly to you from Aqua Lung.  This fast and easy shopping style is just another way that we are here to serve your diving needs!